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Our friend Charlie rode his bicycle from Buffalo, New York to Austin, Texas this summer. Along for the ride was our Modarchy jacket and one Eucalyptex t-shirt.

Review of the Eucalyptex Tee:

When we heard from Charlie he said that only after 3 weeks in a row of sweating like crazy, daily in the blistering heat did he think it might have started to smell. He also mentioned that it was so hot that on certain days they just couldn’t ride at all. He found that the Eucalyptex absorbed water so well that “I also was able to use it as a towel which made me send home my pack towel.”

Review of the Modarchy Jacket:
“Since I have had my Modrobes jacket I haven’t gone on a trip without it and I don’t see embarking on any bike tour, camping trip, or music tour without it. So far it has worked perfect in rainy conditions through Pennsylvania by bike and early morning hikes dense with fog through the backcountry of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The jacket regulates temperature well making it good for biking. I haven’t had any issues with overheating while wearing it or that annoying dew that builds up from sweating in a rain jacket. Now I know this jacket isn’t advertised as being waterproof, but I haven’t had any water get through even in the heaviest of rains.”

You can check out Charlie’s blog here: Traveler Down

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