“This is the smartest fabric on the planet”-Steven Sal Debus, founder/director Modrobes Inc.

The answer is performance and comfort. There is no other fabric on the planet that provides superior results in both these areas. The natural odor resistant properties of Eucalyptex® means that you can wear it longer than other fabrics without washing and still smell fresh. The comfort of Eucalyptex® means that whether it’s hot or cold you will feel comfortable. As well, whether you are sweating in hot yoga, cycling in the hot sun or hiking in a rainforest you are assured of maximum comfort when wearing a Eucalyptex® garment.

Wood is a CO2 neutral and renewable raw material. Wood is a product of photosynthesis, the single most important bio-chemical process on our planet. Photosynthesis is the creation of organic matter with the help of solar energy. In this process the plant gives off oxygen. The absorbed CO2 is released only at decomposition or combustion. The CO2 balance is neutral.

When moisture (sweat) is produced it is directly absorbed from the skin and transported to the inside of the fiber. Thus no water film is produced on the skin where bacteria (odor) can grow. Unlike polyester anti-odor treatments that wear off after a few washes, the natural wood base of Eucalyptex® consistently inhibits the growth of bacteria throughout the lifetime of the garment.

The optimal moisture management of eucalyptus fibers is based on the botanic principle of capillary activity. Plants transport water from the soil to their leaves through fine channels: Eucalyptex® fibers use the same principle when removing body moisture, at the same time creating optimal temperature equalization and great ease of wear. Eucalyptex® absorbs 10% more moisture than wool and 50% more than cotton. Polyester does not absorb any moisture.

Eucalyptex® has a smoother and more supple surface than wool or cotton. Rougher fibers like wool can cause skin irritation. Polyester is treated with numerous chemicals which can cause irritation and electro-static build up. The base moisture level in Eucalyptex® is 10%, compared to 1% in polyester. The combination of smooth fiber and excellent moisture absorption promotes healthy skin, making the fabric anti-static and ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

Eucalyptex® tree based fibers are better than other plant based fibers like cotton, in other ways as well. The fiber yield for eucalyptus lyocell is up to four times higher and total water consumption is approximately twenty times lower. Unlike cotton, eucalyptus needs no artificial irrigation and can be cultivated on land unsuitable for food production.

The Eucalyptex® production process is characterized by a recovery rate of almost 100%. “Lenzing calls the process the biorefinery of wood. Pulp is obtained by the acidic magnesium bisulfite process and oxygen, ozone and hydrogen
peroxide are used for absolutely chlorine-free bleaching.” This process, an example of environmental soundness, received the environmental award of the European Union. By contrast, polyester production has almost double the environmental load while cotton has ten times the environmental load of eucalyptus.

Modrobes obtains eucalyptus lyocell from suppliers who obtain their raw material from certified plantations in Europe, America and South Africa. “Appropriate breeding efforts make plants more resistant and faster growing, thus yield per area is increased without having to resort to chemical means or irrigation.”

Eucalyptus fibers are fully biodegradable and become part of the natural cycle. These fibres are certified and registered as biodegradable by DIN CERTCO, which issues certificates only for products made from compostable materials