At Modrobes we use only sustainable and recycled materials to build our garments. These fabrics have superior performance features and reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that go into our environment by utilizing an audited fabric-making process.

This fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles (PET) taken from landfills. Once recycled the fabric produced is a premium performance fabric blended with 9% spandex for 4-way stretch capability. The fabric is then treated with a Teflon-free water repellant and moisture wicking coating.

Finding Oil….sometimes with disastrous results

Mine exploration plus petroleum mining (land) or drilling (ocean) plus petroleum transportation (boat, pipeline, rail
and truck)

1: Terephthalic acid plus chemical treatment
2: Dimethl terephthalate plus chemical treatment
3: Bis-chydroxyethyl isopholate plus crush, melt and shred into polyester fibres

Collect bottles plus compact bottles plus transport bottles (boat, rail and truck)
At the polyester refinement factory: Crush, melt and shred into polyester fibres

  • uses 80% less energy
  • reduces air, water and soil contamination
  • reduces use of energy and oil
  • reduces non-biodegradable landfill matters
  • reduces toxic emissions from incinerators
  • reduces pollution and land degradation